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What is the average wage?

The average wage is the wage you would get if you summed up all wages for all full-time employees and then divided that amount by the number of full-time employees in the workforce.

Current NZ Average Wage: $40.84

The average ordinary time hourly earnings of $40.84 is based on data from Statistics New Zealand for the December 2023 quarter. Average weekly earnings is $1,588 including overtime for full-time equivalent employees.

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How equal has wage growth been over the last 10 years?

How does growth in the minimum wage and living wage stack up against growth in the median wage and average wage in New Zealand over the last 10 years?

Average earnings increase more than 2% over the year to December 2011

NZ Average weekly earnings increase 2.6% year on year in December 2011, with private sector earnings growing faster than public sector earnings.

Salaries nudge up just 1.3% over the year to September 2010

Average earnings continue to increase slowly after stalling earlier in the year.

Salaries edge up in June - back to September 2009 levels

Statistics New Zealand have released figures showing that average earnings have crawled higher over the last three months.

Effective tax rates in NZ, Aus and the UK

How do New Zealand's income tax rates stack up against those of countries our young emmigrees flock to? Here's a comparison of headline income tax rates in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Average wages in 2010 are going nowhere

Figures released by Statistics New Zealand this week show that average hourly earnings over the last few months have remained stubornly statice.

Employment drops but wages up

Statistics New Zealand's Quarterly Employment Survey shows a clear drop in employment over the past year, but so far wages are continuing to increase.

Average Earnings from wages and salaries 2003-2008

Based on information from Statistics New Zealand, the growth in average earnings from wages and salaries in the period 2003 to 2008 was higher than during the 5 year period to 2006.

Average Earnings from wages and salaries 2001-2006

Statistics New Zealand report that Average Earnings from wages and salaries in New Zealand were as follows.