Minimum wage rises to $13.50/hour on 1 April 2012

Posted on 30 March 2012

New Zealand's minimum wage increases 3.85% to $13.50 per hour from the 1st of April 2012.

That's an extra $17.93 per week cash-in-hand for someone working a standard 40 hour week (with no Kiwisaver or Student Loan, and after the ACC earners' levy reductions that also come into effect on 1 April)

$13.50 per hour equates to $540 per week gross, or $28,080 per year.

After tax that comes to $455.17 per week net, compared to $439.01 per week prior to April's changes - a 4.1% increase in net pay (from the combination of increase minimum wage and reduced ACC contributions).

Calculate your own take-home pay here with our salary tax calculator.

Left-leaning political parties have been calling for a rise in the minimum wage to $15/hour, with some members calling April's 50c increase "stingy" and "stuck in the '80s", however with the strong Kiwi dollar NZ's minimum wage currently compares favourably with that of many other countries.

The Government's minimum wage objective is:

"to set a wage floor that balances the protection of the lowest paid with employment impacts, in the context of current and forecast labour market and economic conditions, and social impacts".