Calculate your tax and kiwisaver payments


Maybe you're thinking about jumping ship to a more rewarding job and want to work out how much more cash you'll have in your pocket at the end of each month...

Or maybe you're eyeing up a job in New Zealand and want to get an idea of how much disposable income you'll have once you migrate here...

Either way we hope to aid you in your investigations with this easy to use tax-on-salary calculator.

Just enter your gross annual salary into the box and click Calculate - then we'll show you a breakdown of how much tax you'll be paying and what your kiwisaver and student loan contributions will be.

The Salary Tax Calculator




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Rana said on 30-Jan-2011:
Can you add a calculator that incorperates the family tax credit as well? I have 3 kids and need to work out my in the hand money for different options. Cheers.
Mike said on 18-Apr-2011:
Thank you. This is exactly what I have been looking for ima simple format. Thanks!
William said on 24-Aug-2011:
This is awesome! I've been looking for something like this for ages. This makes calculating my tax a whole lot easier! Thanks!
Bryce Allen said on 11-Oct-2011:
This just made me realize im now bankrupt
Glynn said on 4-Jan-2012, "Thanks":
Thanks for putting this together, it's simple and easy to use, perfect!
Julie Garner said on 11-Jun-2012, "Salary tax calculator":
Hi, this is very handy thanks, but is there any way you can incorporate the gross hourly rate into it? My husband's monthly pay doesn't seem to match his hourly rate and he feels like he is being cheated out of some pay.
Anna said on 30-Jul-2012:
This is awesome! So much easier to use than finding your way around the IRD site.
Joel said on 7-Aug-2012:
Is this based on a 40 hour week
Salaries said on 7-Aug-2012:
Joel, it's based on total personal income for the year. It doesn't matter how many hours you work per week. The "cash in hand per week" is assuming that you have a regular salary.
Not Sure... said on 14-Nov-2012, "I thought Kiwisaver was deducted from Gross Pay":
This looks like you are deducting from Net pay?
Salaries said on 15-Nov-2012:
Hi "not sure", Kiwisaver is calculated on gross pay and that's what this calculator is doing. If you try an example of $100000 salary and 2% kiwisaver then you'll see that the kiwisaver amount is $2000, which is correct.
Tavita said on 11-Dec-2012, "Great Tool":
Nice tool, simple to use and shows everything broken down so even advertising types like myself can understand it :D

Alexandra said on 21-Dec-2012:
This is so easy and simple. You should create an Android App that will give same calculation as on this page.
Mark said on 6-Jan-2013:
Hey how come 4x the per week amount dosnt add up to the per month amount?
Salaries said on 8-Jan-2013:
Mark: there are more than 4 weeks per month. (actually about 4.3)
Tania said on 15-Jan-2013:
This tool is simply genius. So quick and easy to use and I have been looking for something like this for ages, using IRD website is a flaming nightmare. Thanks for setting this up!!
Chan said on 24-Jan-2013, "Family Tax Credits":
loving your awesome work on this very handy tool. are you able to add on a function to calculate the FTC as well, I've got 3 children and want to work a couple of different senarios. thanks for making the info available. Cheers
Tracey said on 26-Jan-2013:
This is the best tool! simple, clear, and easy, thanks!
Marie said on 2-Feb-2013, "2013 student loan/KS changes":

Just wondering when this will be updated to reflect the student loan/kiwisaver changes from 1 April 2013? This tool is so handy for our budgeting!
Salaries said on 21-Feb-2013:
Hi Marie, the calculator has been updated to reflect the 2013-2014 student loan and kiwisaver thresholds.
Bridge said on 25-Feb-2013, "About time!":
Soooooooo much easier to use than that awful IRD website! Thanks so much!
lac said on 22-Apr-2013:
kmac said on 4-May-2013, "calculator":
for me, this is THE most simple and effective NZ income tax calculator on the web. nice work!
Daniel said on 3-Jul-2013, "Yea Baby Yea":
Easy stuff, Now I can stop reflecting on the lives of other people and focus on my life.
Me said on 30-Jul-2013, "Perfect":
Thank you so much for setting this up. the IRD website just confuses everything naturally!!
sam said on 29-Sep-2013, "easy":
Thank you for this. made it so much easier to work out how much starting kiwisaver would effect my weekly income. great site.
Robin Baxter said on 3-Oct-2013, "Fantastic":
Thanks for making this so easy.
yvonne mclea said on 15-Nov-2013:
Brilliant Calculator! Thank you.
Rochelle said on 21-Nov-2013, "So Cool":
I was floundering around on the ird website trying to find out how much tax I would pay. I was at the point whereby I was going to be rude to the ird. Instead I thought stuff this, I'll try something else. I found this site and it is Brilliant! IRD's website is typical of a government department... Thank you so much for making it simple. :)
JP said on 1-Dec-2013, "Just Awesome":
Good WOrk!!! Just Awesome :) :) :)
Farah said on 4-Mar-2014, "Thank you":
Just great, you need a link to this on the IRD website and it would be great to have an app for this
Great job :-)))
simon said on 13-Mar-2014:
so much better than any of the IRD online tools - and easy and detailed!
Tracey said on 4-Apr-2014, "Fantastic":
Thanks so much...I did not want to 'register' with IRD simply to work out rough payments. Truly appreciated!
TechRemedy said on 2-May-2014:
Very nice calculator! This has helped me alot - Cheers!
kate said on 12-Jun-2014, "super rate":
This is a totally brilliant and simple tool. I've been here many times when re-negotiating or comparing salaries for a new job ... helps me actually compare apples with apples.

One suggestion... some companies have their own super scheme that requires a different %contribution than kiwisaver (e.g. 4.8%) ... could you pop a box in that says 'other super' and let us enter the % rate to cater for this? pleeeease :) :)

Ollie said on 27-Jun-2014, "Cheers":
Great calculator! Invaluable tool.
mel said on 13-Jul-2014, "fantastic tool":
what a great tool! very helpful, thanks for posting
Pavittar Notay said on 14-Jul-2014, "amazing":
This is amazing calculator. Each and every single cent could be tracked. I was trying to find out my net pay after tax for $70000.00
Even I visit IRD two times but the way they were explaining in far complicated. Now I can see the whole break down of my salary structure. Well its a real handy tool.
trudy said on 2-Aug-2014, "curious":
No where else can i find what i should expect. This is great. Could you put in a child support calculator? My partner pays child support and we both use this site.
Chantal Patel said on 5-Sep-2014:
Thank you, Exactly what i was looking for
Neenu Sunil said on 22-Dec-2014, "Awesome":
Very helpful, Thank u so much
Jason Boyte said on 12-Jan-2015, "Great Calculator":
This is brilliant. Was trying to work this out on the IRD site, this is far easier
renee leaupepe said on 17-Mar-2015, "fantastic calculator":
Brilliant, just made my decision on signing my contract due to this and easy! thankyou
Richard said on 6-May-2015:
Thanks for this handy tool.
Esther said on 6-May-2015:
Nazir said on 22-Jun-2015, "Simple":
Very simple and easy to use
Jenna said on 26-Jun-2015, "if only I had found this sooner!":
After spending about hour working out what my txt rate would be with my student loan etc I found this!! Best tool ever thanks!
Anna said on 4-Aug-2015:
Such a great tool. I use often.
Nothing else compares!!
Paulo said on 7-Sep-2015, "Fortnight calculation":
Hi, I have noticed the fortnight amounts doesn't match the monthly amount divided per two, why is that?

Thanks for the great tool, I've been using it for years now.
Salaries said on 7-Sep-2015, "Fortnight calculation":
The reason that fortnightly amounts don't match monthly amounts divided by two is because there are more than 28 days in each month.
Paulo said on 13-Sep-2015, "Check before you shout":
Cheers :)
I should've researched better before commenting.
Just before checking for a reply here I did and found out there are 26.0887285 forth nights in a year (I can see your calculations rounded it to 26)

Thanks a lot
Nikki said on 4-Nov-2015:
Fantastic! Such a useful site. Thank you!!
Stevie said on 4-Nov-2015, "Perfect":
Thank you just what I was looking for!
Loren said on 10-Nov-2015, "Bloody Brilliant!":
Thank you so much for this, and it is such a simple tool also. Would've thought the IRD would have a similar tool, but no.
Chris said on 23-Nov-2015, "chur":
The whole internet used to be like this page, simple and effective, no ads, sweet comments board with no signup stuff. Thanks for keeping it real.
Steve said on 9-Jan-2016, "Fantastic":
Hi there, this is a great page, I use this all the time. Thanks for your good work.
Si-dog said on 22-Jan-2016, "Great resource":
So much better than anything IRD offers! Nice and simple. This page is now my "go to." thanks!
Ashley Kingston said on 25-Feb-2016:
this is good
BS said on 5-Mar-2016, "Agree with everyone else":
Have used this calculator many times and recommend it to others. Thanks a lot!
Riaan said on 15-Mar-2016:
This page is great! It's on my favourites and I use it a lot. Thanks!
Dee said on 12-Apr-2016, "Nice one":
Simple and effective! Good work thanks.
Alec said on 23-Apr-2016, "Excel spreadsheet":
awesome calculator, any chance of publishing it in an excel spreadsheet? cheers
SH said on 4-May-2016, "2016 ACC Rates?":
Any plans for an update to the new ACC rates for this year?
Salaries said on 25-May-2016:
2016 ACC Rates have been updated now!
Sim said on 7-Nov-2016:
Great site
Bodo said on 29-May-2017:
It's is so wonderful easy, your tax system!
You should see the extremely complicated German tax calculation!

Steve H said on 1-Sep-2017:
Really appreciate you making this available and free to use - very helpful.
Pipi said on 27-Feb-2018, "Great!":
Awesome, easy to use & gives precise numbers. Using this to budget as I'm changing jobs and my husband got pay rise. Recommending this to my friends!
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