New tax rates as of 1 April 2009


The new National Government has put in place a revised set of personal tax rates to take effect as of April 01, 2009.

Most notably the middle tax bands have been changed to compensate for increases in the national average annual earnings. The top tax rate has also been reduced slightly to 38% and is scheduled to drop further in future tax years.

Further adjustments to tax rates and thresholds are also on the cards for the tax years beginning April 2010 and April 2011.

Tax rates effective as of 1 April 2009:
(excluding ACC and rebates)

tax on annual earnings
12.5% up to $14,000
21.0% between $14,001 and $48,000
33.0% between $48,001 and $70,000
38.0% over $70,000

For example, a specialist earning $100,000 per annum would pay tax as follows:

14000 * 0.125=$1750
(48000-14000) * 0.21=$7140
(70000-48000) * 0.33=$7260
(100000-70000) * 0.38=$11400

Thus making a total tax bill of $27,550 or an effective income tax rate of 27.6% (which compares favourably with an effective rate of 30.3% a year earlier).



New tax rates October 2010 said on 20-May-2010:
Budget 2010 has presented nice income tax reductions from October
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