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Reference - typical salary of NZ Presenters.

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Jobs In Demand

New Zealand's Long-Term Skill Shortage List comprises various occupations facing a shortage of skilled workers, making them eligible for immigration purposes. Here we provide a summary of some of the careers on this list, reflecting the demand and opportunities available for skilled professionals wanting to work in New Zealand.

Why Teachers Deserve a Better Deal

Teacher pay is a hot topic in 2019, with the threat of strikes in primary and secondary education. Teachers have been offered higher pay, but is it enough?

Hays 2009 Salary Survey

The Hays 2009 Salary Survey shows some big changes in sentiment amongst employers, with 2009 salary increases tipped to be mute.

2008 Hays Salary Survey

Hays have released their 2008 Salary Survey for New Zealand and Australia, with salaries continuing to show strong growth in general.

Average Earnings from wages and salaries 2001-2006

Statistics New Zealand report that Average Earnings from wages and salaries in New Zealand were as follows.