Living Wage

Living Wage in New Zealand

What is the living wage?

The living wage is the amount of hourly pay a worker would need to earn in order to pay for the necessities of life and participate as an active citizen in the community.

NZ Living Wage from 09/2023: $26.00

$23.65 is the Living Wage rate up until 31/08/2023

In New Zealand the Living Wage is calculated each year by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit, and is intended to represent the wage that's required for workers to cover their basic living expenses including food, accommodation and transportation.

Living Wage Calculations

Living Wage Articles

How equal has wage growth been over the last 10 years?

How does growth in the minimum wage and living wage stack up against growth in the median wage and average wage in New Zealand over the last 10 years?

Why the living wage should be regional

The Living Wage has an admirable purpose but there are some deficiencies in the way that the living wage currently works in NZ. Here we demonstrate why there should be consideration for regional differences in the cost of living.