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How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Tech Professional

Embark on a journey to distinguish yourself in the dynamic world of technology with our comprehensive guide on building a powerful personal brand as a tech professional. Let's dive into the process of building a personal brand that opens doors to new opportunities and sets you apart in the ever-evolving tech landscape

Freelancing in NZ

Freelancing offers a world of opportunity, but it also comes with its unique set of financial challenges. Unlike traditional employment, freelancers face the complexities of managing inconsistent income, planning for retirement, and ensuring they are adequately insured. This article delves into the crucial aspects of financial management for the self-employed in New Zealand.

How to get a pay rise - a few simple steps

In order to ensure success it's important to do some research and to prepare your case for a pay rise in advance. Read this guide to improve your chances of getting a well-earned pay rise.