Alexa Skills

Salary and Tax Calculations on Echo

Do you have an Amazon Echo device at home or work?

Use these skills to let Alexa help you calculate income tax, convert annual salary into hourly wage, and learn about the New Zealand tax system.

Salary Doctor Alexa Skill

Salary Doctor allows you to convert wages between different pay periods, and it gives you breakdown of how much tax you'll pay.


  1. Follow the link to install Salary Doctor on your echo device or Alexa mobile app.
  2. Once installed, say Alexa, start salary doctor.
  3. (If it doesn't work first time, then try again with a slight American accent)
  4. Then, Alexa, set country to New Zealand
  5. Then, Alexa, help

Ask Salary Doctor to convert income between hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly rates


  • Alexa, convert $25 into yearly salary
  • Alexa, convert $80,000 into weekly pay
  • Alexa, convert $125,000

Ask Salary Doctor to calculate your tax and take-home pay for a given salary


  • Alexa, calculate tax on $65,000 yearly salary
  • Alexa, breakdown $140,000