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Airbnb Hosting: The Lucrative Side-Hustle for Tough Economic Times

Many people are looking for innovative ways to supplement their income and regain financial stability. One opportunity that stands out is Airbnb hosting — a side-hustle that allows you to make the most of your extra space and turn it into a profitable source of additional earnings. Let's explore how you can leverage Airbnb hosting to earn extra income and navigate these challenging economic times with confidence.

NZ Minimum Wage Increase Set to Impact Workers Nationwide

New Zealand is set to increase its minimum wage from April 2023, aiming to enhance fair pay and living conditions for low-income workers. The adjustment will raise the adult minimum wage by $1.50 to $22.70 per hour, in line with a 7.2% inflation rate. Additionally, the training minimum wage will increase by $1.20 to $18.16 per hour. Employers are urged to prepare for the change, ensuring compliance with the law. Industries like retail, with a high number of minimum wage earners, will be significantly impacted.

Jobs In Demand

A summary of salaries and descriptions for some of NZ's Long-Term Skill Shortage List Occupations

New Zealand's Long-Term Skill Shortage List comprises various occupations facing a shortage of skilled workers, making them eligible for immigration purposes. Here we provide a summary of some of the careers on this list, reflecting the demand and opportunities available for skilled professionals wanting to work in New Zealand.

Minimum Wage Hits the $20 mark

New Rate: $20.00 from 1 April 2021

The Adult Minimum Wage was increased $20.00 from 1 April 2021, and the Starting wage is up to $16.00

Why Your Employer's Contributions Don't Match Your 3% Kiwisaver

To many employees it then comes as a shock to see their employer contributions consistently lower than expected on their kiwisaver statement. Why is that? There are two main reasons why the amounts received from your employer in your kiwisaver account don't match the amounts that have come from your salary contributions.

How equal has wage growth been over the last 10 years?

Minimum / Living / Median / Average Wage

How does growth in the minimum wage and living wage stack up against growth in the median wage and average wage in New Zealand over the last 10 years?

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